IFRS 9 Impairment Workshop (1 day)

IFRS 9 impairment workshop offers a deep dive into the impairment requirements. In a hands-on session, you’ll gain insights into impairment modeling challenges, transitional hurdles, and revision required. Learn to navigate the impacts and unresolved issues effectively.  Join us to enhance your organization’s approach to financial reporting under IFRS 9.

The IFRS 9 has transformed financial reporting. It introduces a new framework that shifts from the old incurred loss model to a forward-looking impairment model. This approach allows for earlier recognition of expected credit losses. However, many organizations worldwide are still trying to adopt IFRS 9 or improve their Expected Credit Loss (ECL) models. The COVID-19 crisis has only made these challenges more acute, affecting the reliability of ECL models.

Likewise, IPSAS 41 now requires government and public sector entities to use a forward-looking impairment model similar to IFRS 9’s ECL model. This alignment brings public sector reporting up to date with the IFRS.

Attend our one-day intensive workshop on ECL modeling to grasp the nuances of managing impairments, from complex financial instruments to straightforward trade receivables.