Transaction Advisory services (TAS)

Shasat’s Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) is designed to support clients throughout the entire deal life-cycle of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, financing, and other transactions. Our team of experts is equipped to offer a wide range of services, including sell and buy-side M&A lead advisory, industry and transaction strategy advisory, transaction structuring and financial modelling, capital structure advisory, business valuation services, purchase price allocation and impairment analyses, financial due diligence, working capital improvement reviews, market and industry research, and operational transaction services. Whether you are an acquirer or an acquiree, our TAS team is committed to delivering customized and high-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of your organization. Partner with Shasat to benefit from our expertise and experience in transaction advisory.

Our services are designed to help clients achieve their strategic goals and support their business objectives, as outlined in the following key components:


Sell and Buy side M&A Lead Advisory

Our team provides support and guidance to clients who are looking to sell or acquire businesses. We offer expert advice on the deal structure, negotiations, and execution to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Industry and Transaction Strategy Advisory

Our advisors work closely with clients to understand their business goals and provide strategic recommendations to help achieve these goals through M&A and other transactions.

Transaction Structuring and Financial Modelling

We offer our expertise in creating financial models to help clients understand the financial implications of a potential transaction. Our models take into account various deal scenarios and help clients make informed decisions.

Capital Structure Advisory

Our advisors work with clients to help optimize their capital structure by providing recommendations on debt and equity financing, mergers, and acquisitions.

Business Valuation Services

Our team provides independent and impartial business valuations to help clients understand the value of their business and make informed decisions.

Purchase Price Allocation and Impairment Analyses

Our advisors help clients allocate the purchase price of a transaction to the various assets and liabilities of the acquired business.

Financial Due Diligence Services

Our team conducts comprehensive financial due diligence to help clients understand the financial position of a potential acquisition target.

Working Capital Improvement Analyses and Reviews

We help clients identify and implement opportunities to improve their working capital and achieve cost savings.

Market and Industry Research

Our advisors provide market intelligence and industry research to help clients understand their competitive environment and make informed decisions.

Operational Transaction Services

Our team provides operational support to clients during the transaction process, including post-merger integration and monitoring.


Our Experience

At Shasat, we have a proud history of delivering exceptional Transaction Advisory Services to clients across the UK, Europe, and emerging markets. Our team of experts has worked closely with a wide range of clients, providing tailored solutions to meet their unique needs and challenges. Whether it’s Sell and Buy side M&A lead advisory, Industry and transaction strategy advisory, Transaction structuring and financial modelling, Capital structure advisory, Business valuation services, Purchase price allocation and impairment analyses, Financial due diligence services, Working capital improvement analyses and reviews, Market and industry research, or Operational transaction services, we have consistently delivered results that exceeded our client’s expectations. Our deep industry knowledge, combined with our expertise in the full range of TAS services, has enabled us to deliver successful outcomes for our clients time and time again. 

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