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As the leading authority in independent third-party valuation services, Shasat UK delivers superior evaluations for a diverse range of financial and non-financial institutions. Our team of expert assessors harnesses the power of the latest market data, utilizing modern financial analytics and proxy-based market data to ensure rapid, accurate, and trustworthy results. This enhances the credibility and clarity of our client’s reporting and disclosures.  No matter the regulatory framework, be it US GAAP or IFRS, we display a commitment to transparency, flexibility, and expertise. These values shine through in our bespoke solutions for the valuation of financial and non-financial instruments, assets, and businesses. This includes startups, brands, actuarial models, purchase price allocations, employee-granted share options, and intangible assets.  As the go-to authority for fair value reporting, Shasat offers clients the confidence to make informed decisions and navigate the intricate terrain of the financial landscape with ease.

In conclusion, Shasat UK stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of valuation services. Our commitment to delivering superior service, maintaining professional integrity, and upholding transparency has positioned us as the trusted partner for countless businesses worldwide. We invite you to experience the Shasat difference and leverage our expertise to drive your business towards new horizons of success. Our Key services include:

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We value a broad range of complex securities and strategies including: