Risk Management Advisory Services

Institutions are facing increased scrutiny from regulators who are focusing on risk management and the potential impact of external shocks on their operations. In this dynamic environment, stress testing has emerged as a critical tool for gauging market and credit risk and ensuring the long-term sustainability of business models. With a deep understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape, our risk management advisory team can help you navigate this complex environment and improve your risk management practices. We offer expertise in stress testing, including enterprise-wide stress testing, reverse stress testing, and the use of macro-economic inputs, and can assist in developing processes for developing internal models and scenarios. Partner with us to enhance your competitiveness by managing risk and capital more effectively, and capitalizing on the opportunities presented by new regulations in your jurisdiction.

At our consulting firm, we understand the importance of effective risk management in the modern business environment. That’s why we offer comprehensive Risk Management Advisory Services, delivered by our highly experienced and knowledgeable team. Our services include:

Market and Credit Risk Hedging

Our team provides expert guidance and support in managing market and credit risk, including the development of hedging strategies and the implementation of risk management tools.

Liquidity and Operational Risk

Our consultants assist clients in identifying, assessing, and mitigating liquidity and operational risks, ensuring that their businesses are well-positioned to withstand potential challenges.

UK/EU Prudential Regulations for Financial Institutions

Our team provides expert guidance on the UK/EU prudential regulations affecting financial institutions, helping clients to ensure compliance and maintain stability.

Regulatory and Compliance Risk

Our risk advisory team provides extensive support to clients navigating the complex regulatory landscape, with a particular focus on Basel IV/CRD VI/CRD III implementations and their impact on capital and liquidity policies. We are committed to minimizing compliance risks and ensuring that businesses not only adhere to legal standards but also effectively adjust to the evolving regulatory frameworks. Our expertise includes a profound understanding of how these regulations influence capital adequacy and liquidity management, enabling us to offer strategic guidance for achieving seamless compliance, optimizing capital utilization, and enhancing liquidity strategies for improved operational resilience.

Implementation of Basel and Solvency II

Our team has extensive experience in implementing Basel and Solvency II standards, providing expert guidance to financial institutions and insurers in order to help them meet regulatory requirements and strengthen their risk management practices.

Stress Testing

Our consultants assist clients in developing and implementing stress testing scenarios, providing a comprehensive assessment of their risk management practices and helping them identify areas for improvement.


Our Experience

Our risk management advisory services have provided tangible benefits to a diverse range of financial and non-financial institutions. Our clients have been able to enhance their risk management practices, improve their competitiveness, and effectively manage market and credit risks, liquidity risks, and regulatory and compliance risks. Our deep expertise in stress testing and the use of innovative approaches has helped our clients identify potential vulnerabilities and develop sustainable business models. Our commitment to delivering customized and high-quality solutions has made us a trusted partner to organizations in diverse industries, and we are proud to have played a role in helping our clients achieve their goals.

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