Asset Valuation Services

At Shasat, we are a leading provider of independent asset valuation services to fair value tangible & intangible assets. Our team of expert valuation specialists leverages their extensive knowledge and experience to deliver accurate, reliable, and impartial assessments of assets such as real estate, intellectual property, and tangible assets. With a focus on integrity and attention to detail, we offer a comprehensive solution for clients seeking to make informed decisions about their non-financial assets. Whether you are a corporate entity, financial institution, or government agency, trust Shasat to deliver expert valuations you can rely on.

Our dedication to providing top-notch valuations is unwavering, and we take pride in staying ahead of industry trends and advancements. Our experts stay current with the latest valuation methodologies and requirements under IFRS, UK & US GAAP, and IPSAS, as well as industry-specific standards to handle even the most intricate valuations. Our independence and impartiality assure clients of receiving unbiased and dependable assessments. Whether you need a one-time valuation or ongoing support, Shasat is your solution for all your non-financial asset valuation needs.  With extensive experience and expertise, our valuation team has a proven track record of successfully assisting organizations in the following areas:

  • Valuation of fixed assets and liabilities
  • Determining the value and assessing impairment of Goodwill and similar intangible assets
  • Evaluating the worth of internally developed intangible assets
  • Valuation of start-ups, software and IT-enabled entities
  • Impairment assessments of assets with indefinite useful lives
  • Valuation of  brands; and
  • Valuation of professional sports clubs and franchises.


Asset Valuation – tangible and intangible assets

For expert assistance with your non-financial asset valuations, contact Shasat’s Valuation Desk.