Model & Data Validation

Shasat’s model validation services embody the pinnacle of precision and reliability, tailored for financial institutions across Europe. Our quantitative experts deploy a rigorous and structured methodology to ensure the accuracy, appropriateness, and regulatory compliance of financial models. This meticulous process is designed to manage risks effectively and meet the stringent demands of regulatory bodies.  Service Offering Highlights Include:

Scope: We initiate our process by clearly defining the validation scope, setting objectives, identifying the models for validation, and pinpointing the regulatory benchmarks to be met.

Model Documentation Review: Our experts conduct an exhaustive review of model documentation to verify its completeness, assessing theoretical foundations, assumptions, data used for development, and any limitations.

Independent Testing: We perform independent testing to evaluate the mathematical integrity, algorithmic appropriateness, and implementation accuracy of the models. This includes comprehensive back-testing, sensitivity analysis, and stress testing.

Data Integrity Check: Our process includes a thorough assessment of the data’s quality and integrity, ensuring relevance, completeness, and accurate processing.

Comparative Analysis: We compare model outputs against benchmark models or industry standards to validate performance and reasonableness.

Outcome Analysis: The predictive power and decision-making utility of the model are scrutinized, with a focus on identifying and understanding any significant deviations from expected outcomes.

Governance and Use Assessment: We evaluate the governance framework surrounding the model’s use, scrutinizing approval processes, user training, and the model’s role in strategic decision-making.

Regulatory Compliance: Our validation ensures adherence to all relevant European regulatory standards, including those set by the Basel, Solvency II, EBA, ECB, and other authorities.

Comprehensive Reporting: A detailed validation report is prepared, summarizing the process, findings, recommendations for improvement, and an overall risk assessment.

Recommendations and Remediation: We provide actionable advice for addressing identified issues and support the remediation efforts.

Ongoing Monitoring and Periodic Review: A regimen for regular reviews and continuous monitoring is established to maintain the model’s performance and compliance.

Shasat’s model validation services are synonymous with excellence, offering unparalleled assurance in the reliability and credibility of financial models. Our approach not only meets but exceeds the evolving regulatory and business needs, reinforcing the strategic capabilities of financial institutions throughout Europe.

Data Validation and Data Offering Services

Shasat provides elite data validation and offering services, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and integrity in your data management processes. Our streamlined approach is designed to cater to the critical needs of data governance, compliance, and optimization for financial institutions.  Shasat’s data validation and offering services are the cornerstone of sound data governance, offering security, compliance, and strategic insight to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape. Service Offering Highlights Include:

Rigorous Data Validation: We employ stringent validation techniques to verify the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of your data, identifying and rectifying discrepancies to uphold data quality.

Enhanced Data Offering: Our comprehensive data offering services equip clients with access to high-quality, relevant financial data, sourced from trusted providers. This includes market data, pricing information, and bespoke datasets tailored to specific requirements.

Compliance Assurance: Our services ensure your data management practices align with regulatory standards, mitigating risks and enhancing reporting capabilities.

Strategic Data Insights: Beyond validation, we provide insights and analytics to transform your data into strategic assets, enabling informed decision-making and competitive advantage.

Continuous Monitoring and Updates: Shasat maintains ongoing data monitoring and periodic updates, ensuring your data assets remain current and effective in meeting both market and regulatory demands.

Shasat’s model and data validation services extend their expertise to support both accounting standards under IFRS and US GAAP, as well as regulatory requirements under Basel and Solvency II frameworks. This dual focus ensures that financial institutions can seamlessly align their practices with the latest financial reporting standards and regulatory mandates, safeguarding against compliance risks while enhancing financial integrity and transparency. Our dedicated team of experts is well-versed in the nuances of these regulations, providing tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of global financial oversight. With Shasat, you gain a partner committed to excellence, ensuring your accounting and regulatory frameworks are robust, reliable, and ready for the future.

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