IFRS 17 Actuarial Training Programs

Join our focused two-day actuarial modelling workshop titled ‘IFRS 17: Strategic Actuarial Perspectives.  This course, crafted for actuarial professionals, breaks down IFRS 17 through six engaging modules. Each one is designed to explore a different aspect of the standard. Starting with ‘Navigating IFRS 17 Statements’ in Module 1, you’ll uncover essential insights. By Module 6, ‘Unpacking Reinsurance Held,’ you’ll dive into the specifics of non-performance risk and assumption changes. Along the way, master insurance classification, cash flow techniques, and risk adjustment methods with guidance from experts.

Top actuaries from premier insurance companies across the UK, Europe, and globally have benefited from this program. It’s an expert-level course, tailored for actuaries to delve into the nuances of actuarial modeling. We’ve hosted this program in global cities like London, Zurich, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, Toronto, Cape Town, Bermuda, Lima, and Miami.

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