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In today’s dynamic professional landscape, staying updated and competitive is crucial. Shasat enhances your capabilities with transformative training courses. These courses exceed industry norms, ensuring you not only meet but excel beyond standards.

Dive into professional growth with Shasat’s expertly crafted training courses. From the forefront of sustainability with our ESG Masterclass to the essentials of IFRS, U.S. GAAP, and IPSAS, we’ve got you covered. Our specialized Certificate in IFRS, US GAAP, and IPSAS programs keep you ahead in your field. Additionally, delve into corporate governance, enriching your knowledge and leadership.

Our training courses are designed for a diverse professional audience. They blend technical knowledge with strategic insights. Explore our Professional Development Courses. Titles like the CFO Masterclass and Negotiation Skills Workshop aim to polish your leadership qualities. Banking, insurance, and finance professionals trust us for career enhancement. Embark on a journey of continuous learning with Shasat, where your ambitions flourish.

Embrace continuous learning with us, where your goals are our priority, and your potential is unlimited. Below is a glimpse of our training course offerings:

Training Courses: IFRS, IPSAS, US GAAP, ESG, AML, Compliance, & More

IFRS Training Courses, Advanced Internal Controls Program, Anti Money Laundering (AML) TrainingBanking & Risk Management coursesCertificate in IFRS ProgramsCFO MasterclassFRS 102/FRS 105 Masterclass Workshop, Hedging Currency, Interest and Price Risks, IFRS 15 Revenue Recognition Workshop,  IFRS 16 Leases Workshop, IFRS 17 Implementation Workshop – For Finance Professionals,  IFRS 17: Strategic Actuarial Perspectives Workshop for Actuaries), IFRS 9 Training Program, IFRS 9-Impairment Workshop, IFRS Masterclass Workshop, ESG MasterclassIFRS Update Courses, IPSAS Training Courses, Mastering IFRS for Oil & Gas, Power, Utility, and Mining Industries, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Masterclass, Online Courses, Shasat-Becker CPA Exam Review Course,  US GAAP Training Courses, Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Workshop, Management Discussion & Analysis (MD&A) Workshop, SPAC Structuring & Accounting Workshop, US GAAS Update ProgramBasel IV, Professional skill development courses.

Join Shasat for a journey in professional excellence, where we turn your aspirations into achievements.

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