Shasat Debuts Premier US GAAS Update, Elevating Training Standards for Auditors & Accountants

Thursday, October 5th, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of auditing standards, professionals need to stay ahead of the curve. Shasat, a renowned educational institution, has introduced an intensive two-day program called the “US Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (US GAAS) Update Course” to address this critical need. This course is designed to cater to government and non-government auditors, accountants, and program managers, equipping them with the latest knowledge and insights into the world of auditing standards.

The US GAAS Update Course spans two days and provides participants with a deep understanding of the significant changes and clarifications within both authoritative and non-authoritative standards. This knowledge is crucial for those who engage in auditing practices. Participants will gain a comprehensive insight into applying GAAS, including SAS, SSAE, GAGAS, and IIA, as well as understanding recent amendments to these standards. Additionally, the course instills confidence in conducting audits and undergoing audit procedures.

Furthermore, the program addresses practical implementation challenges specific to both government and non-government operations. It also explores the implications of International Auditing Standards and offers a glimpse into the future direction of auditing standards.

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