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Our consulting firm provides comprehensive services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our offerings include Global IFRS Desk for financial reporting compliance, Sustainability and ESG Services for responsible business practices, Transactions Advisory Services for M&A support, Risk Management Advisory Services for proactive risk mitigation, CFO Services for financial leadership, and SPV/SPE Management Services for specialized vehicle management. With our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results, we help our clients achieve their strategic goals and drive business success.

Learn more about the type of services Shasat professionals can provide to tailor your needs.

 Global IFRS Desk

Global IFRS Desk (GID Desk)

At Shasat, the Global IFRS Desk provides expert accounting advisory services to clients worldwide. Our team understands the complex nature of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP), and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) which often require significant judgement and informed policy choices for effective implementation.  With a focus on pre-implementation strategy, our experienced professionals bring deep accounting knowledge and market intelligence to help clients navigate critical accounting challenges, including revenue recognition, Lease accounting, impairment, consolidation, recognition of financial instrument impairment, market & credit risk hedging, and many other critical accounting issues.

Our services include assistance in implementing best industry practices and methodologies and providing practical solutions to achieve optimal results. Whether you are dealing with revenue recognition, employee benefits, or another critical accounting issue, the Global IFRS Desk at Shasat is here to support you.

The Global IFRS Desk offers the following services:

  • Implementation of IFRSUK GAAPUS GAAP, and IPSAS: Shasat’s Global IFRS Desk has extensive knowledge and experience in implementing various accounting standards, including International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (UK GAAP), United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP), and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). Our team provides comprehensive support to ensure the successful adoption of these standards by clients.
  • On-Call Advisory Services: The On-Call Advisory Services offered by Shasat’s Global IFRS Desk provide technical accounting guidance for a wide range of transactions, from simple to complex. Our team of experts is available to answer questions and provide guidance on accounting and financial reporting matters as they arise.
  • Development of Accounting Policy Manuals: Shasat’s Global IFRS Desk develops customized Accounting Policy Manuals to assist clients in consistently applying accounting policies and procedures in compliance with relevant accounting standards. Our manual includes an overview of the client’s business, its financial reporting requirements, and a detailed description of the accounting policies and procedures.
  • Interim and Annual Financial Reporting Support: Shasat’s Global IFRS Desk provides interim and annual financial reporting support to clients, including assistance with the preparation of financial statements and related disclosures. Our team works closely with clients to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting, in accordance with the applicable accounting standards and regulations.


Shasat’s Global IFRS Desk has a proven track record of providing exceptional consulting services to a wide range of clients. In recent years, our team has successfully assisted financial institutions, insurance companies, large corporates including oil and gas companies, and professional firms with their accounting and financial reporting needs. Our extensive experience and expertise in implementing various accounting standards, combined with our commitment to delivering customized and high-quality solutions, has made us a trusted partner to organizations in diverse industries. Partner with Shasat to benefit from our unparalleled experience and expertise in accounting and financial reporting.

At Shasat, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and integrity in all of our client relationships. Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships that go beyond individual transactions and address our clients’ ongoing business concerns.

At Shasat, we are dedicated to providing exceptional consulting services to meet the needs of our clients. If you require assistance with any of the services offered by our Global IFRS Desk, including IFRS implementation, on-call advisory services, development of accounting policy manuals, or interim and annual financial reporting support, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts is ready to provide the guidance and support you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

Transaction Advisory services

Transaction Advisory services (TAS)

Shasat’s Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) is designed to support clients throughout the entire deal life-cycle of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, financing, and other transactions. Our team of experts is equipped to offer a wide range of services, including sell and buy-side M&A lead advisory, industry and transaction strategy advisory, transaction structuring and financial modelling, capital structure advisory, business valuation services, purchase price allocation and impairment analyses, financial due diligence, working capital improvement reviews, market and industry research, and operational transaction services. Whether you are an acquirer or an acquiree, our TAS team is committed to delivering customized and high-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of your organization. Partner with Shasat to benefit from our expertise and experience in transaction advisory.

Our services are designed to help clients achieve their strategic goals and support their business objectives, as outlined in the following key components:

  • Sell and Buy side M&A Lead Advisory: Our team provides support and guidance to clients who are looking to sell or acquire businesses. We offer expert advice on the deal structure, negotiations, and execution to help our clients achieve their objectives.
  • Industry and Transaction Strategy Advisory: Our advisors work closely with clients to understand their business goals and provide strategic recommendations to help achieve these goals through M&A and other transactions.
  • Transaction Structuring and Financial Modelling: We offer our expertise in creating financial models to help clients understand the financial implications of a potential transaction. Our models take into account various deal scenarios and help clients make informed decisions.
  • Capital Structure Advisory: Our advisors work with clients to help optimize their capital structure by providing recommendations on debt and equity financing, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Business Valuation Services: Our team provides independent and impartial business valuations to help clients understand the value of their business and make informed decisions.
  • Purchase Price Allocation and Impairment Analyses: Our advisors help clients allocate the purchase price of a transaction to the various assets and liabilities of the acquired business.
  • Financial Due Diligence Services: Our team conducts comprehensive financial due diligence to help clients understand the financial position of a potential acquisition target.
  • Working Capital Improvement Analyses and Reviews: We help clients identify and implement opportunities to improve their working capital and achieve cost savings.
  • Market and Industry Research: Our advisors provide market intelligence and industry research to help clients understand their competitive environment and make informed decisions.
  • Operational Transaction Services: Our team provides operational support to clients during the transaction process, including post-merger integration and monitoring.

At Shasat, we have a proud history of delivering exceptional Transaction Advisory Services to clients across the UK, Europe, and emerging markets. Our team of experts has worked closely with a wide range of clients, providing tailored solutions to meet their unique needs and challenges. Whether it’s Sell and Buy side M&A lead advisory, Industry and transaction strategy advisory, Transaction structuring and financial modelling, Capital structure advisory, Business valuation services, Purchase price allocation and impairment analyses, Financial due diligence services, Working capital improvement analyses and reviews, Market and industry research, or Operational transaction services, we have consistently delivered results that exceeded our client’s expectations. Our deep industry knowledge, combined with our expertise in the full range of TAS services, has enabled us to deliver successful outcomes for our clients time and time again. If you’re looking for a trusted partner to support your next transaction, reach out to us today.

Risk Management

Risk Management Advisory Services (RAS)

Institutions are facing increased scrutiny from regulators who are focusing on risk management and the potential impact of external shocks on their operations. In this dynamic environment, stress testing has emerged as a critical tool for gauging market and credit risk and ensuring the long-term sustainability of business models. With a deep understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape, our risk management advisory team can help you navigate this complex environment and improve your risk management practices. We offer expertise in stress testing, including enterprise-wide stress testing, reverse stress testing, and the use of macro-economic inputs, and can assist in developing processes for developing internal models and scenarios. Partner with us to enhance your competitiveness by managing risk and capital more effectively, and capitalizing on the opportunities presented by new regulations in your jurisdiction.

At our consulting firm, we understand the importance of effective risk management in the modern business environment. That’s why we offer comprehensive Risk Management Advisory Services, delivered by our highly experienced and knowledgeable team. Our services include:

  • Market and Credit Risk Hedging: Our team provides expert guidance and support in managing market and credit risk, including the development of hedging strategies and the implementation of risk management tools.
  • Liquidity and Operational Risk: Our consultants assist clients in identifying, assessing, and mitigating liquidity and operational risks, ensuring that their businesses are well-positioned to withstand potential challenges.
  • UK/EU Prudential Regulations for Financial Institutions: Our team provides expert guidance on the UK/EU prudential regulations affecting financial institutions, helping clients to ensure compliance and maintain stability.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Risks: Our risk advisory team assists clients in navigating the complex regulatory landscape, minimizing compliance risks, and ensuring that their businesses operate within the boundaries of the law.
  • Implementation of Basel and Solvency II: Our team has extensive experience in implementing Basel and Solvency II standards, providing expert guidance to financial institutions and insurers in order to help them meet regulatory requirements and strengthen their risk management practices.
  • Stress Testing: Our consultants assist clients in developing and implementing stress testing scenarios, providing a comprehensive assessment of their risk management practices and helping them identify areas for improvement.

Our risk management advisory services have provided tangible benefits to a diverse range of financial and non-financial institutions. Our clients have been able to enhance their risk management practices, improve their competitiveness, and effectively manage market and credit risks, liquidity risks, and regulatory and compliance risks. Our deep expertise in stress testing and the use of innovative approaches has helped our clients identify potential vulnerabilities and develop sustainable business models. Our commitment to delivering customized and high-quality solutions has made us a trusted partner to organizations in diverse industries, and we are proud to have played a role in helping our clients achieve their goals. If you’re looking to strengthen your risk management practices, contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your objectives.

Sustainability and ESG

Sustainability and ESG

The consideration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues has undergone a fundamental shift in the corporate world, and companies are now incorporating ESG factors into their analysis and decision-making processes to identify both risks and growth opportunities.  The rise of ESG has brought about unprecedented regulations for enterprise sustainability reporting and disclosures. The International Sustainability Board (ISSB) is working to establish global standards for sustainability and climate-related reporting, with the release of these standards expected in mid-2023. As a result of these new regulations, financial and sustainability reporting are likely to be more closely intertwined in 2024

The International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) is set to release global standards for sustainability disclosures by corporations and financial institutions, based on TCFD recommendations and the standards set by organizations like SASB. The ISSB guidance, expected to replace the UN’s SSE Model Guidance on Climate Disclosure, will serve as the blueprint for companies to follow. The ISSB standards will likely become the new benchmark for sustainability reporting worldwide, replacing current standards and guidelines.

Our consulting firm is dedicated to helping clients achieve their sustainability and ESG goals. We offer a range of services that are designed to support organizations at every stage of their ESG journey, from assessment and reporting to compliance and assurance. Our team of experts are here to help you navigate the ever-evolving sustainability and ESG landscape, providing you with tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and objectives. Here are a few of the key services we offer:

  • ESG Diagnostic Services
    • Align business with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    • Provide a clear path forward with specific actions to achieve ESG goals
    • Offer ESG Awareness Accreditation recognizing commitment to ESG performance
  • Compliance and Reporting for Sustainability
    • Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)
    • Payment Practices and Performance Reporting
    • TCFD Support
  • ESG Assurance Services
    • Specialized methodology, tools and quality control processes
    • Global professionals with diverse sector expertise
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction Solutions
    • Detailed reports to meet disclosure standards (CDP, ISO14064-1, GHG Protocol)
    • Monitor progress and evaluate key performance indicators over time.


Shasat’s is a leader in sustainability and ESG consulting, offering tailored solutions to meet clients’ needs and goals. Our expert team has a proven track record and deep understanding of these principles, supported by a commitment to staying informed on the latest trends and best practices. We regularly attend conferences, workshops, and webinars, and have a strong research function to provide clients with the most relevant and up-to-date advice.

For expert ESG support, please contact us. Additionally, if you would like to receive our latest brochure on ESG, please let us know.

SPV/SPE Services

SPV/SPE services

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a separate legal entity created to perform a specific task or activity, usually for the purpose of holding assets and liabilities separate from the parent company. Managing an SPV can be complex due to the diverse range of responsibilities it entails, including legal compliance, financial reporting, tax obligations, and maintaining the statutory books and records. In order to ensure the effective management of an SPV, it is important to have a dedicated team with the expertise to handle these tasks in a timely and professional manner.  

Our global service provides a unified, fully-integrated solution, offering a single point of contact for all international structures. Our expertise covers a range of asset classes, including:

  • SPV Incorporation and Structuring
  • Directorship Services with in-house, qualified and independent directors
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Transactional Support
  • Maintenance of SPV Statutory Books and Records
  • Board Support Services
  • Filing of all returns and declarations required by local legislation
  • Preparation of Statutory Accounts and Financial Statements
  • Audit Coordination and Related Allied Services.

Maximize the potential of your investment with our comprehensive range of SPV services. Our team of experts will ensure seamless and effective support for all your international structures. Contact us today to experience the benefits of a fully integrated and customized solution for your business needs.

CFO Services

CFO Services

Our consulting firm offers comprehensive Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services to help companies meet their financial goals and objectives. Our team of experienced CFOs work with clients to provide strategic financial guidance and support, including financial planning and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, risk management, and financial reporting.  We also assist with financial and operational improvements, such as cost-reduction initiatives, process efficiencies, and revenue growth strategies. Our CFO services are tailored to each client’s unique needs, and we work closely with management to develop and implement effective financial strategies that drive business success.

We understand the importance of providing accurate and timely financial information, and our team stays up-to-date on the latest accounting and financial reporting standards. Our CFO services are designed to help clients make informed decisions, manage risk, and achieve their financial targets.

Our CFO services help companies achieve lasting competitive advantage. We provide expert assistance with business planning, management accounting, annual reporting, budgeting, identifying and reporting on key business drivers, and delivering insightful performance analysis. Our services focus on cost reduction, optimal working capital management, timely reports for informed decision-making, aligning employee motivation with company goals, improving finance function efficiency, and reducing report preparation time.

At CFO Services, we strive to be the preferred partner for companies seeking to enhance their competitive advantage through expert financial management. By outsourcing to us, our clients can focus on their core business while we provide strategic financial support and accuracy. Our deep partnership approach allows us to align with our client’s goals and effectively manage all financial elements, making us a trusted and reliable choice for SMEs seeking to optimize their finance function.

If you’re looking for a partner to help enhance your competitive advantage and free up your time to focus on your core competencies, look no further than CFO Services. We work in deep partnership with our clients to provide expert and accurate management of all financial elements. Our goal is to be the first choice for entities seeking outsourced financial expertise and to be the market leader in providing strategic finance function services to the SME community. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your strategic goals.