Shasat becomes a member of the World Compliance Association

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Shasat, a UK based global Consulting, Valuation, and Training organization has become a member of the World Compliance Association (WCA), an international organization based in Spain. It seeks to offer compliance to its members in several countries, including the Anti-Money Laundering learning programme (AML).

Mr. Sunil Kansal, managing director of Shasat Consulting, believes that “our association with the World Compliance Association would allow both organizations to complement each others service strengths in compliance matters, and shall allow us to offer compliance & learning programmes to more number of professionals worldwide”.

Shasat currently offers compliance programmes in over 70 cities worldwide and is going to launch its compliance solutions, allowing entities to be better prepared in dealing with the continuous threat of money laundering more effectively.  With recent incidents of money laundering scandals rocking the banking world in Europe and the emergence of cryptocurrencies, ensuring compliance with the AML regulations has become more challenging, therefore, it is important that organizations equip themselves with better compliance tools and solutions.

The WCA, which has an international presence, aims to promote, recognize and evaluate compliance activities in organizations (regardless of their legal form). It also works for the development of tools and processes for correct protection against certain crimes and infractions committed by the employees, collaborators or any other person related to it.

In the words of Mr. Iván Martínez, president of the WCA, “for our association, having members such as Shasat is an important advance, since Shasat has advanced training solutions in compliance with multiple languages and multiple international locations“.

The association understands compliance as an essential part of the culture, which all organizations must adopt as part of an ethical and responsible commitment and as a way to generate a safe value for their own interest groups. Therefore, it is involved in raising awareness, training, certification and the exchange of knowledge and experiences through the multiple events held during the year.