GID 4071: Hedging Currency, Interest and Price Risks: 3-5 July 2019 @ New York City

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

IFRS 9/ASC 815 – Hedging Currency, Interest and Price Risks

This course has been designed to provide you with an in-depth and hands-on understanding of the hedge accounting framework under IFRS 9 and US GAAP.   This course covers the most frequent used hedging strategies and addresses most of the challenging issues which corporates and finance and treasury professionals face today.  This course will also cover the new hedge accounting framework under ASC815/IFRS 9 which will be effective from 2018.

What would you gain from this course?

  • Understand the reasons why companies hedge;
  • Construct a successful hedge and use hedge engineering to achieve better results;
  • Measure hedge effectiveness and ineffectiveness
  • Understand, identify and account for the following hedges:
    • fair value hedges;
    • cash flow hedges;
    • net investment hedges
  • Identify and analyze ‘hidden’ derivatives
  • Determine the appropriate treatment of embedded derivatives under ASC 815 and IFRS 9;
  • Discuss the latest developments and emerging accounting issues
  • Better understanding and up-to-date view of future hedge accounting requirements;
  • Reduction of income statement volatility;
  • Better understanding of drivers of income statement volatility and hedge ineffectiveness;
  • Enhanced processes and controls around hedge accounting;
  • More cost-effective hedging solutions and Compliance with the accounting requirements.

Follow the link for full course details: GID 4071: Hedging Currency, Interest, and Price Risks: 3-5 July 2019 @ New York City